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Centre for Taxonomy and Morphology (ztm)



The Centre for Taxonomy and Morphology (ztm) covers the classical collection and research branches of ZFMK. The 10 sections of the departments ”Arthropoda“ and ”Vertebrata“ house a total of about 5,6 million zoological specimens, for research and voucher purposes.

Worldwide research activities lead to a constant growth of the collections. The digital collection catalogue provides access to the data of >1 million specimens, including a growing number of photographies. Specific information is available in the zte research sections.

The morphology lab is a central infrastructure run by the zte. It provides infrastructure and expertise enabling cutting edge research in animal morphology. Applications for research visits that take advantage of zte collection and research infrastructure can be submitted to SYNTHESYS+.

Taxonomy is the traditional research focus of zte scientists and their groups, complemented by topics from the field of evolutionary biology.


Arthropoda Department

Vertebrata Department

Morphology Laboratory

Contact person

Head of Vertebrate Department
Curator Ichthyology
+49 228 9122-255
+49 228 9122-212
f.herder [at]


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The EU-SYNTHESYS+ project funds access of international scientist (emphasis EU) to the sientific collections and research infrastructure of ZFMK. Supported are visits of several weeks. This includes both, access to the scientific collections, and research infrastructure such as the labs for morphology and molecular research.