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Hermann Müller-Lippstadt



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Hermann Müller-Lippstadt
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Research Project: Hermann Müller-Lippstadt


In 2008, A symposium in the Ostendorf-Gymnasium was organized to honour the 125th anniversary of Hermann Müller-Lippstadt’s death. The life and work of Müller-Lippstadt were honoured, who had up to that point, been publicly known as ‘Monkey-Müller’ in Lippstadt.


After the publishing of the congress related papers “Hermann Müller-Lippstadt, Naturforscher und Pädagoge, Lippstadt 2010” by the “Basilisken Presse”, a cooperation between the Biohistoricum and school was implemented. By combining the impressive number of sources in the school archives and various other letters, diaries and images from the estates of relatives found in other libraries the cooperation has led to an extraordinary research project that is still going on.

The cooperation led to a second book on Hermann Müller-Lippstadt and his brother Fritz (published 2013) as well as a 350-page transcription of the diaries and travel notes of H. Müller Lippstadt (printed in limited edition in 2017).


Another upcoming work is a similar transcription, on the scientific and private correspondence of the brothers. To conclude the research project, a book on the sociocultural conditions of their time is planned for future publishing.


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