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Found a banded bat?

If you have found a bat with an aluminum ring or band on the wing, please contact us!

The rings of the Bonn Bat-Banding Centre carry the engraved identification MUS BONN and an individual number of at least 5 digits. Example: MUS BONN 343551.  Bat rings with other identifiers can also be reported to us and will be forwarded to the appropriate banding centers.

Apart from the ring number, the exact location, date and circumstances of the find are important (e.g. "cat victim", "found after a storm", "mine entrance"). When you have carefully read and noted down the ring number from a living bat, you should release the ringed animal. If the animal is dead, please, send it to us together with the ring (preferably in a sealed plastic bag), or - if not otherwise possible – send only the ring and the above mentioned information about the location, date, and other circumstances of your find. The address of the Bat-banding Centre is

Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig
Adenauerallee 160
53113 Bonn

In return, each finder will receive a retrieval card from us with the exact details of the animal.

Note: Please, always wear gloves when handling a bat and wash your hands and the gloves afterwards!