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MEEGene: Museum seminar in Evolutionary and Environmental Genomics

This seminar series brings together experts in the fields of comparative genomics, evolutionary biology and environmental genomics to  ZFMK. Talks include presentations on empirical as well as theoretical and technical developments of the field.

All talks are currently scheduled as Online Only format


If you are interested in joining this seminar series as listener or speaker please contact meegene [at]

Registration for talk particiption is free of charge but mandatory. You will be provided with links to join the talk via zoom.


Scheduled Talks

26.10.2021 15h CET Brent Emerson, "DNA-based approaches for landscape-scale understanding of arthropod communities"

09.11.2021 15h CET Sarah Kocher TBA

23.11.2021 15h CET Katerina Guschanski TBA

07.12.2021 15h CET Rowan Barrett TBA

21.12.2021 15h CET TBA

18.01.2022 15h CET Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta TBA

01.02.2022 15h CET Pedro Beja TBA


Past Speakers

Armin Mozcek, 22.09.2020 "On the origins of novelty and diversity in development and evolution: case studies on horned beetles"


Camille Berthelot, 20.10.2020, "Seeing double - Deciphering genome organisation and gene evolution after whole-genome duplications"


Toni Gossmann, 03.11.2020, "Living the post-NGS dream: What we can learn from a flock of genomes."


Andrew Foote, 01.12.2020, "Museum collections as evolutionary time machines"


Kristy Deiner, 15.12.2020 "Global measure of biodiversity using environmental DNA"


Joana Meier, 19.01.2021 "Rapid speciation facilitated by hybridisation"


Iker Irisarri, 02.02.2020 "Phylogenomics and major evolutionary transitions"


Isabel Almudi, 16.02.2021 "Adaptations to aquatic and aerial life in mayflies"


Philine Feulner, 02.03.2021 "A genomic perspective on speciation and adaption in Alpine whitefish"

Ludovic Orlando, 16.03.2021, "The evolutionary origins and historical development of the modern horse"


Michael Hiller , 13.04.2021, "Comparative approaches to link phenotypic differences between species to differences in their genomes"


Matthew Webster , 27.04.2021, "Analysis of evolution and speciation in alpine bumblebees using population genomics"


Christine Grossen , 11.05.2021, "Consequences of severe species bottlenecks - integrating ancient diversity and extant species surveys"


Miriam Liedvogel , 25.05.2021,"Bird migration - evolutionary genetics of migratory behaviour"


Robert Waterhouse, 08.06.2021 "Scaling up arthropod evolutionary genomics"


Eva K. Fischer 22.06.2021 "Mechanisms of Behavioral Evolution"


Douglas Yu 06.07.2021 "Managing biodiversity with eDNA: leeches, ponds, insects, and insitutional innovations"


Paschalia Kapli 12.10.2021 "Ancient and troublesome branches in the Animal Tree of Life"


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