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Using Experiments to understand the drivers of biodiversity change

Monday, 10.05.2021 - 17:15h

Meeting point: Online-Lecture via Zoom ( Access link available from vonderemde [at]

Event series: Colloquium on biology

Target group: Adults Lecturer

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Christoph Scherber, ZFMK and Institute for Evolutionary Biology, University of Bonn

Over the last decades, several large-scale experimental facilities have been set up to study the drivers and consequences of biodiversity change. These roughly fall into two categories: First, so-called "biodiversity experiments" deliberately manipulate the number of species present in a system and study effects of changes in biodiversity on ecosystem processes and community structure. Second, classical land-use and climate change experiments have addressed the opposite, i.e. how human activities alter components of biodiversity and associated ecosystem processes. Here, I provide an overview of biodiversity experiments, climate and land-use change experiments to show how these can be successfully used to answer current questions on if, how and why biodiversity is affected by human activities. Additionally, I will show how novel experiments, combining the virtues of biodiversity and land-use change experiments, can help to design biodiversity-friendly landscapes and ultimately enhance and sustain terrestrial biodiversity.

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