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3-dimensional reconstructions

What are 3 dimensional reconstructions?

Image stacks from different imaging techniques such as CT or histology can be used to create 3-dimensional virtual models that also show the inner anatomy. Additionally these models can also serve as the base for 3D printing.


3D reconstruction of a sea slug

Which equipment is available at ZFMK?  

The ZFMK uses a pipeline of different software packages for the cration of 3D models. They include Amira, VG Studio, Maya, Drishti und Fiji that run on virtual machines.


What are 3D reconstructions used for at ZFMK?

The models are used to illustrate and document morphological and anatomical data in publications or books, to create virtual 3D models or as a base for morphometrics, functional studies, mechanical simulation or 3D prints.

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