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Invasion Biology of Xenopus



Quick facts

Project title: 
Invasion Biology of Xenopus laevis in Europe: Ecology, Impact and predictive Models
ZFMK Project lead: 
Object of research: 
Amphibians, Frogs, Invasive species, predictive models, Xenopus laevis, SDMs


Project start: 2014

The INVAXEN project is an integrated approach investigating the  African Clawed Frogs' ecology, physiology, invasive potential and dispersal patterns in South Africa as well as Belgium, France and Portugal.

The following project videos show INVAXEN students conducting field research in South Africa:

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Xenopus fieldwork in Kleinmond.


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PIT tagging African Clawed Frogs.




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Curator Herpetology
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Measuring the snout vent length

Injecting an Id transponder

Feeding ecology of X. gilli