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Phylogeography of the Pill Millipede Glomeris marginata



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Phylogeography of the Pill Millipede Glomeris marginata
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Millipedes, Diplopoda, Saftkugler


The pill millipede Glomeris marginata is 'the' model organism inside the Myriapoda. Most embryonic studies, as well as important studies focussing on the development of segmentation (Evo-Devo) use Glomeris marginata as their study object. In this study,using DNA barcode fragments, the phylogeography of G. marginata is studied to get insights into the distribution of different genetic lineagues of the species accross Europe. G. marginata is the only species of Glomeris reaching the North of Europe, such as Great Britain, southern Skandinavia and northern Germany. While the species is usually characterized by its specific black colour with light grey margins, rarely other colour morphs, such as specimens with white patterns ('perplexa'), red margins, or grey colour, occur. Involving specimens from all colour morphs and different countries such as Germany, Switzerland,Luxembourgh, France, Spain and Great Britain we hope to detect which genetic lineagues are the most widespread in Europe and if there is any indication for cryptic speciation inside the model organism Glomeris marginata. Most of the sequences were obtained during the 'GBOL - German Barcode of Life' project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


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