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The expansion of Morph·D·Base to optimize the long-term storage, documentation and availability of high-resolution volume data of biological objects.
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During recent years research concerning the morphology of organisms has been arguably revolutionised by the rapidly extending application of innovative methods like X-ray tomography (μCT, SRμCT), laser scanning microscopy (cLSM), digitalisation of serial sections, etc.. Common to all these methods is the production of large amounts of three-dimensional datasets. Due to their unusually high information content these datasets are scientifically highly valuable. So far no central repository for these extreme amounts of data is available. Here we propose to extend and modify Morph D Base, the central data repository of DFG SPP 1174, optimizing it for storing the metadata associated with volume data of biological objects as well as the original 3D-datasets.

The extended Morph D Base will be kept operational at the Museum Koenig Bonn even after this project is completed. Thus, the database will serve as a communication platform for researchers and the original volume data will be kept available to the scientific community. Reading access to the metadata via the internet will be entirely free, entering data will require a registration with the database system and access to the original data will be under the control of the person who submitted them to the repository. A standard for metadata describing three-dimensional data-sets of organisms will be continuously modified and developed in direct feedback with the users of the database. Information about the repository will be distributed in the scientific community through talks, posters and symposia at relevant conferences.


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