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Type catalogue

The herpetological collection contains about 2500 type specimens of ca. 700 species and subspecies, including more than 300 primary types and 100 syntypes.

Recently, Böhme (2014) published a detailed overview of the herpetological activities in Bonn including information on the herpetological collection of the ZFMK and a critically commented type catalogue. An uncommented list of the types can be found in Böhme (2010).



  • Böhme, W. (2010): A list of the herpetological type specimens in the Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig, Bonn. - Bonn zool. Bull., 59: 79-108.
  • Böhme, W. (2014): Herpetology in Bonn. - Mertensiella, 21: 1-256.

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Digital Collection Catalogue

Digital catalogue of the ZFMK's herpetology collection