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Dr. Patrick Kück

Head of Section
Tel: +49 228 9122-404
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: P.Kueck [at]



Field of work

''Divide and Conquer'' Algorithms in Molecular Phylogenetics

Development of ''divide and conquer'' algorithms and their implementation in new software scripts, usable for quality evaluation-- and/or phylogenetic reconstruction of molecular sequence data.

Systematic Biases in Molecular Phylogenetics

Identification of systematic biases in probabilistic based tree reconstruction approaches

Availability of developed software scripts


Developed software scripts (see projects), manuals, and example input files are updated regulary and downloadable on GitHub:

Developed Software Scripts

  • PENGUIN (PhyQuart Environment)
  • BaCoCa
  • FASconCAT-G
  • FASconCAT
  • AliCUT

Research interests

Phylogenetic Reconstruction

  • Supertrees and supermatrix based molecular phylogenetic analyses

  • ''Divide and Conquer'' approaches based on triplets, quartets, and quintets

  • Split decomposition analyses

  • Systematic biases and their impact on molecular phylogenetic reconstructions

  • Inconsistency of tree model assumptions due to branch length heterogeneities

  • Statistical evaluation of phylogenetic trees and phylogenetic signal

  • Probabilistic based tree reconstruction methods

  • Phylogenetic networks

Multiple Sequence Alignments

  • Alignment algorithms

  • Masking techniques

  • Evaluation of alignment quality

  • String similarities and their role for homology assessments

  • Consideration of secondary rRNA structure information

Programming / Software Development

  • Pipeline development for data simulation and molecular phylogenetic analyses
  • Script development for molecular phylogenetic purposes
  • Perl, Julia, C++


Dissertation Award of the Alexander Koenig Society (AKG) 2012

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