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Quick facts

Project title: 
INDOBIOSYS Project Diptera, integrative inventory if the Diptera biodiversity at the Halimun-Salak Nationalpark, Indonesia
ZFMK Project lead: 


The INDOBIOSYS project (financed by the BMBF through the Naturkundemuseum Berlin) deals with the integrative inventory of different animal groups at the Halimun-Salak Nationalpark on Java, Indonesia. A special focus lies on a fast inventory combining molecular and morphological data. The aim of the project is an inventory of the biodiversity of the park for the Indonesian state. Successively, pharmaceutical research for relevant substances in the animal taxa can then be conducted.

The INDOBIOSYS Diptera part of the project will inventorize the true flies, with special focus on Syrphidae, a.k.a. flower flies. The syrphids are of special interest for the whole project (1) because of their capacity as pollinators; and (2) because their larvae can act as biological control agents of pests.


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Head of the Section Diptera
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