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In the Hymenoptera section, additional to the Hymenoptera, the following collections of organisms are curated: Heteroptera, "Homoptera", Orthopteroidea (includes Mantodea, Blattodea, Dermaptera, Phasmatodea, and Saltatoria) and Phthiraptera. At present the collection includes ca. 160,000 individuals of ca. 15,500 taxa. The section house collections (or parts of it) of  Wilhelm Aerts, Dietrich Bornhalm, Johannes Gallasch, Sigfrid Ingrisch, A. Jacobi, Heinrich Klockenhoff, Richard Meinertzhagen, Rene Oberthür, August Reichensperger, R. Roesler, A. Schoop, Josef Szijj and in addition those of the Zoo Cologne and of the former Fuhlrott Museum Wuppertal.

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Head of Hymenoptera Section
Deputy Head of Department Arthropoda
Editor-in-chief Bonn zoological Bulletin
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Collection Management Arthropoda


The collection manager works together with all six arthropod collections.

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