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Marcelo de Santis

Tel: +49 228 9122-321
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: M.deSantis [at]



Research interests

Marcelo de Santis is an evolutionary biologist and phylogeneticist who applies elements of logic and the philosophy of causation and explanation to his research. His research interests are understanding how morphology can be relevant for the evolutionary processes, specifically by reinforcing that morphological phylogenetic trees provide a vital framework for evolutionary inferences. His research involves systematics, natural history, philosophy of science (explanation and causality), and theoretical and methodological aspects of phylogenetic systematics.

For his postdoctoral project, he aims to construct a molecular phylogeny for a challenging group of dipterans from the family Tachinidae, the subfamily Dexiinae, using morphological characters allied with molecular data based on a range of genes (e.g., CAD, 28S rDNA, MCS, COI and MAC). As a result of this research, it is expected that an overall understanding of those taxa will guide the selection of the most effective dexiine as biological control agents and inform broad issues such as biogeography and the causes of adaptive diversification in Tachinidae.

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