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Most approaches in multigene data sets are dealing with predefined thresholds or biclique / quasi-biqulique solutions to decrease the amount of missing data.
This software MARE (matrix reduction) delivers an alternative heuristics which (1) assesses tree-likeness of partitions ('genes') in supermatrices using extended geometry mapping and (2) reduces supermatrices with a simple hill climbing procedure to single quasi-bicliques with information content of the matrix. Formally, it reduces a super matrix to an incomplete edge-weighted bipartite graph, representing a subset of taxa and genes. It can be applied currently only on amino acid data. Before using MARE, please read the readme.txt and the Manual.
NEW: MARE version 0.1.2-rc released! Bonn, Arpil 2011.
Copyright & Citation:
Benjamin Meyer & Bernhard Misof, December 2010:
MARE v0.1-rc.
Benjamin Meyer, Karen Meusemann & Bernhard Misof,
April 2011: MARE v0.1.2-rc.
For older versions, requests, or bug-reports please write an email to mail2mare [at] . Thank you!
Release Notes  MARE v0.1.2-rc:
 - some linefeeds bugs fixed, error-messages added
 - color code (tree-likeness of partitions) changed: 
   partitions with a tree-likeness = 0 are now colored in red in the
   graphical matrix output (.svg files)