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Ichthyology (Fishes)



The fish collection of the ZFMK is unfortunately temporarily closed. Loan service has been discontinued, visits to the collection are not possible, and no material will be accepted. Internships and theses are currently not offered.

For fish determination and press inquiries, please contact ichthyologists from other museums.

As soon as employees are available again, we will resume the usual offers. Thank you for your understanding.



Ichthyology is the branch of zoology devoted to the study of fishes. Systematic ichthyologists distinguish more than 34000 extant fish species, a number that continues increasing by several hundred species new to science year by year.

The fish section (Ichthyology) of ZFMK was founded in 1945.

Karl-Heinz Lüling was the first curator responsible for the fish collection, followed in 1978 by Klaus Busse and 2008 by Fabian Herder. Serkan Wesel is technician of the ichthyology section and takes care for collection logistics, loans, and digitization.




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Curator Ichthyology
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