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Effects of land use and climate change on Ethiopian francolins



Quick facts

Project title: 
Effects of land use and climate change on endangered birds in Ethiopia and implications for their conservation: a case on endemic francolin species
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Object of research: 


In Ethiopia, ground-dwelling landfowl species such as francolins represent ideal candidates to assess the impact of land use and habitat changes on biodiversity. Therefore, this project is a methodologically diverse study of two Ethiopian francolin species (Harwood’s Francolin Pternistis harwoodi and Moorland Francolin Scleroptila psilolaema) focusing on proper conservation and land use management that are relevant and transferrable to other regions as well. Ultimately, this project aims to produce precise species- and site-specific conservation recommendations.

This project is part of our research on Ethiopian birds and is linked to our project on endemic Ethiopian francolins.