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ERGA - The European Reference Genome Atlas
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The European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) initiative is a pan-European scientific response to current threats to biodiversity. Reference genomes provide the most complete insight into the genetic basis that forms each species and represent a powerful resource in understanding how biodiversity functions. ERGA aims to sequence the genomes of all European species and will for this establish an interdisciplinary workflow. From species selection to data analysis, the process of creating reference genomes for the entire biodiversity will involve a deep synergy among museums, research institutes, universities, sequencing centres, bioinformatics and computational groups. Citizens will also play an important role supporting the inclusion of all types of species.
Creating and consolidating a collaborative and interdisciplinary network of scientists across Europe and associated countries
Connecting relevant infrastructure across Europe following a distributed model that can dynamically increase 
Propagating guidelines for state-of-the-art genome establishment through training and knowledge transfer


Researchers at LIB/ZFMK are ERGA members, ZFMK is a partner in the BGE Biodiversity Genomics Europe Consortium, a joint project of ERGA and Bioscan. Astrid Böhne (head of section Comparative Vertebrate Genomics) is an ERGA council member for Germany.



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