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Darius Stiels

PhD student
Tel: +49 228 9122-230
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: d.stiels [at]



Research interests

My main interests focus on the linkage of ecology and biogeography of birds. Methodically, I use recent modelling techniques to explain distributional patterns and allow insight into the evolution of ecological niches.

Projects span a wide range of fields from non-native species to the evolution of migration and include projections into the future and the past. One of my favourite study species are granivorous passerines, especially estrildid finches which are in focus of a broader research project on the biogeography of this group.

Distribution map of the Common Waxbill

Furthermore, interests in birds and many other taxonomic groups started when I was a teenager, and I still enjoy working on faunistics, taxonomy, ecology and conservation of species in my home region and beyond.


African Bird Club (ABC), German Ornithologists' Society (DO-G), Northrhine-Westfalian Ornithologists' Society (NWO), Oriental Bird Club (OBC), Neotropical Bird Club (NBC), Birdlife Germany (NABU), Society of German-speaking Odanatologists (GdO), The International Biogeography Society, European Ornithologists' Union (EOU), British Ornithologists' Union (BOU)

Further information

Software skills

ArcGIS, DIVA-GIS, eyebase, Maxent, MS Office


  • German - native speaker
  • English - fluent
  • Spanish - basics

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