The Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change

is a research museum of the Leibniz Association

Organismic Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Palaeobiology

The Master of Science in Organismic Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Palaeobiology (OEP Biology) is a research-oriented, international study program of the University of Bonn and several research institutes (ZFMK, Steinmann Institute). The major aim is to provide students with a broad understanding of all aspects of Organismic Biology.

Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity research connect various disciplines such as Systematics, Phylogeny, Molecular Biology, Ethology, Palaeobiology, Physiology, Ecology, Bioinformatics and many more. Since the ZFMK research expertise covers many of these areas, it is quite natural that the Museum was not only involved in founding this master program.

Nearly all scientists working at the ZFMK present lectures , courses and excursions, covering topics from application of bioinformatic tools in genomics, special courses in terrestrial, limnic and marine habitats, up to morphological and systematic courses on vertebrates and insects.

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