The Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change

is a research museum of the Leibniz Association

Dr. Alexander Donath

Head of Section
Head of HPC units
Tel: +49 228 9122-344
Fax: +49 228 9122-295
Mail: a.donath [at]



Research interests

  • Mitochondrial genome evolution
  • Analysis of transcriptomes and genomes to answer phylogenetic questions
  • Rare genomic changes

Further information

Software: gappy v1.0

gappy extracts splids (split-inducing indels) from a given alignment and creates a binary absence/presence matrix. gappy is implemented in the C++.

The tool reads multiple sequence alignments in FASTA format. The user can select a minimum and maximum indel length for determining splids. By default, the output is a FASTA file, containing the binary coded splid absence/presence information, and some summary statistics.

Output is also available in PHYLIP and NEXUS format.

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