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Dr. Madlen Stange

HEAD of Junior Research Group "Minnow"
Tel: +49 228 9122-367
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: M.Stange [at]



Field of work

I offer the following topics for master theses (as of Dec 2023):

  • Determination of growth rates in minnows based on scales
  • Histological work on gonadal development in minnows
  • Investigation of the diet of common fish species in a low mountain river system (Sieg)
  • Comparison of lateral line organs in minnows
  • Bioinformatics (knowledge of R and Unix, possibly HPC, is a prerequisite): Adaptation of fish to ion gradients in freshwater (pool-sequencing data)

Research interests

Current research group members (non-PhDs)

Nils Sternberg, PhD student

Temitope Oriowo, PhD student

Annabell Macphee, University of Glasgow, visiting master student

Alexander Keller, University of Bonn, Master thesis

Sebastian Scheumann, University of Cologne, Bachelor thesis

Erika Cevallos Dupuis, student assistant

Former working group members

Fredrik Holz, University of Cologne, Bachelor thesis, 2023

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