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Margarethe Koenig Award of the ZFMK

The Margarethe Koenig Award is an award to fund international female junior scientists shortly after completing their PhD. It is awarded as an employment (TV-L 13), which is limited to 12 months, and should serve as a "stepping stone" for the future academic career of women.


About the eponym Margarethe Koenig

In its own history, the ZFMK can refer to an outstanding woman who, without ever having put herself in the foreground, has done excellent work for the museum, for her husband's research expeditions and their evaluation and thus for the research as a whole. Margarethe Koenig (née Westphal, 1865-1943), after marrying Alexander Koenig in 1884, spent 56 years with her husband and accompanied him on almost all of his extensive and often dangerous expeditions. She accurately kept a diary on the research trips and wrote numerous writings about the journeys, which were partly lost during the World Wars. The accomplishments of this special personality are honored with the Margarethe Koenig Award of the ZFMK, which is dedicated to the promotion of women.


Application procedure

The applicants present a research concept for one year, related to the collections and/or infrastructure and laboratories provided by the ZFMK. Thus, a close connection of the project to the ZFMK is a requirement for the approval.

In addition to the research project, the funding period of the Margarethe Koenig Award can be used for the preparation of publications, the acquisition of external funded projects, as well as participation in conferences and workshops. The award does not include research funds. The award winner will be accompanied by a mentor at the house.

The Margarethe Koenig Award will be advertised according to availability.


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