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Villa of "Herr Professor König"

When Alexander Koenig successfully gained his doctoral degree at Greifswald University in 1884 and also married Margarethe Westphal the same year, his father donated to him a house at the Koblenzer Straße that he purchased in 1873. The house had been built in 1860.
Alexander moved into the building after extensive reorganization, including the laying out of a magnificent garden with animal enclosures. The park survived in a slightly modified form until present. The entire first floor of the "Villa of Herr Professor König" was reserved for his bird collections.
Except for the reception room, the villa burnt down after bombings in 1944/45. It was re-build in a simple manner as an extension of the institute in 1949, under the supervision of Rudolf Feld. Today the villa houses part of the vertebrate department.