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Quick facts

Project title: 
Terrestrial Small Mammal Monitoring in the EifelNational Park
ZFMK Project lead: 
Object of research: 
Small Mammals, ecologz, comservation


Chief objective of this study is a survey of the diversity of terrestrial (non-volant) small mammal species  in selected habitat types of the Eifel National Park. This is implemented via a standardized capture methodology using live traps, which renders data on the presence and relative abundance of species, as a basis for a longterm, low-impact monitoring. In addition data on the microhabitat of capture sites are collected and analyzed using standardized data sheets. Habitat quality (for example other faunistic elements/key species, food elements and food competitors, abiotic structural elements) and the use of these habitats wil be classified and evaluated in the context of the verified small mammal fauna.  Collected analyzed data are presented in the framework of a master's thesis duringthe  winter semester 2014, with subsequent processing as a report to the Eifel NAtional Park and as a publication.


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