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Vertebrata Department



The substantial vertebrates collections are curated in the four research sections Mammology (mammals), Ornithology (birds), Herpetology (amphibians, reptiles), and Ichthyology (fishes). The Vertebrata Dept. staff maintains and extends these collections, provide service to the scientific community, and performs collection-based research in the fields of taxonomy and evolutionary biology. This is complemented by applied research topics, service such as species determination for authorities, and contributions to transfer for a wider public audience.

The Vertebrata Dept. staff is currently composed of respectively six researcher technicians and a collection manager. Research projects regularly involve postdocs and students on all levels (BSc, MSc, PhD). Student helpers substantially assist in ongoing digitization tasks, honorary and visiting scientists support research and collection work.





Collection Management Vertebrates

Ichthyology (Fishes)

Ornithology (Birds)

Mammology (Mammals)

Contact person

Head of Vertebrate Department
Curator Ichthyology
+49 228 9122-255
+49 228 9122-212
f.herder [at]

Collection Management Vertebrata


The collection manager supports the sections in the organisation of the vertebrate collections.