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Pronophilina evolution



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Project title: 
Evolutionary biogeography and diversification of the predominantly Andean butterfly subtribe Pronophilina (Nymphalidae, Satyrinae) based on phylogenetic data generated using modern molecular methods
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Object of research: 
Lepidoptera, phylogenetics, biogeography, Biodiversity


The goal of this project is to infer a phylogeographical hypothesis of a selected group of Lepidoptera, the subtribe Pronophilina, based on comprehensive phylogenetic and distributional data, and by doing so, to propose spatial and temporal patterns for the evolution of Andean faunas. The hypothesis is that the study group evolved in South America, and that its radiation is congruent with the uplift of the Andes and changing paleoclimates, hence with the availability of suitable habitats in South and continental Central America. 


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