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Dr. Julia Schwarzer

Head of Section Evolutionary Genomics
Tel: +49 228 9122-426
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: j.schwarzer [at]



Field of work

Research within the section Evolutionary Genomics focus on the origin of biodiversity, more precisely the genomic footprints of speciation and adaptation and the link between phenotype and (adaptive) genotype. Research is based on genomic data, like genome sequence data, gene expression data and epigenetic marks as well as in-depth organismic knowledge (morphological, behavioral, epigenetic and/or ecological data). This in-depth knowledge will allow gaining a holistic representation of the evolutionary history of the organism or species group and inform further research and conservation efforts. 

Research interests

My primary research interests lie in the evolutionary dynamics of speciation and in the evolution of adaptive traits. I am interested in early stage species divergence and in understanding the mechanisms that shape biodiversity. In previous studies I worked on cichlids of the lower Congo River to study different levels of spatial differentiation and degrees of gene flow in a comparative approach. In my current projects I focus on the genomic and morphological architecture and evolution of adaptive traits in Sulawesi ricefishes.


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