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Dr. Thomas Wesener

Head of Section Myriapoda
Responsible Editor Bonn zoological Bulletin - Supplementum
Tel: +49 228 9122-425
Fax: +49 228 9122-212
Mail: t.wesener [at]



Research interests

  • Evolutionary biology, systematics and ecology of Millipedes
  • Taxonomy and phylogeny of Giant Pill-Millipedes (order Sphaerotheriida)
  • Phylogeny and biogeography of Pill Millipedes (order Glomerida)
  • Speciation mechanisms in soil arthropods on Madagascar

Further information

Service to the Scientific Community

  • Reviewer for : Zootaxa, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, New Zealand Journal of Zoology, International Journal of Myriapodology, Frontiers in Zoology, Terrestrial Arthropod Review, Zookeys, Invertebrate Systematics, African Zoology.
  • Editor: Managing Editor Supplement Series, Bonn zoological Bulletin (former Bonn zoological Monographs)
  • Council Member of the 'Centre International de Myriapodologie' (CIM) 2011-
  • Encyclopaedia of Life (EOL) Curator for Millipedes (Diplopoda).

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