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The status of Glomeris malmivaga, Germany's only endemic pill millipede.



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Endemic pill millipede north of the Alps? The status of Glomeris malmivaga.
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Myriapoda, Taxonomie, Diplopoda, Saftkugler, Glomeris, Endemiten


Among the Pill Millipedes of the genus Glomeris only one species whose distribution is restricted to Germany, Glomeris malmivaga, can be found. All other species living in Germany are widely distributed in Europe. Real local endemic Pill Millipedes are otherwise only found south of the Alps (see project 'Pill Millipedes of Northern Italy').  Glomeris malmivaga is only known from two localities in the SW of Germany and was originally described as a colour morph of Glomeris ornata, a species distributed in eastern Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Only a short time ago was G. malmivaga elevated to the rank of a full species. A genetic analysis of G. malmivaga and other species will now be conducted with the hope to clarify whether G. malmivaga is a true endemic or just a colour morph of a more widespread species of pill millipede.


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