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The collections - a cosmos



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Joint project: The collections – a cosmos. In the spirit of Humboldt’s ideas, the notion of the cosmos as a networking science should be reflected in the objects of the collections of the university and museums. Systems and infrastructur
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The collections - a cosmos

Since 2012, a collection of offprints gathered by famous botanist Eduard Strasburger (1844−1912) is part by the “Biohistoricum” at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig (ZFMK Jahresbericht 2012: 69). The cytologist lectured at the University of Bonn for over 30 years and received a huge number of offprints by his colleagues from all over the world by scientific exchange. In this joined research project – “Die Sammlungen - ein Kosmos. Von der Vernetzungswissenschaft Alexander von Humboldts zu objektbasierten Wissensanordnungen im Netzzeitalter“ – seven collections and/or museums of the University Bonn together with the aforementioned collection at the Biohistoricum are participating.

In this project we produce extensive quantities of high-quality digital data. By using WissKi as the digital knowledge repository, primary focus is on the combination of data from diverse scholarly disciplines. WissKI was initially a joint venture project, financed by the German Research Foundation. One of the former three initial partners, the Biodiversity Informatics Group at the Zoological Research Museum A. Koenig, is involved in the further development of WissKi in this joined project, cooperating with another computer scientist from the University Bonn.


There will be a final exhibition at the ZFMK in November 2019. Further information will follow soon. Following that exhibition, the digital scans of the offprints will be made available to the public.

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