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Cryptic diversity in Western Australian Giant Millipedes



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Cryptic diversity in Western Australian Giant Millipedes
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Millipedes, Diplopoda, Australien, Barcoding, Bedrohte Arten, Millipedes, Taxonomie, Taxonomy, Endemiten, endemic


As soil organisms, millipedes have limited dispersal abilities. Probably for this reason are many tropical species restricted to small areas of distribution, with a high-level of species turnover. In the course of this project the Pilbara area in Western Australia will be investigated for its millipede species of the genus Austrostrophus (Spirobolida). The study, headed by Dr. Mark Harvey und Dr. Joel Huey from the Western Australian Museum in Perth, will comibe molecular multi-gene and morphological data to determine wether the Austrostrophus fauna of the area contains microendemic species or wether a single widespread species is present.

The results of this research will have an impact on conservation planning in Northwestern Australia and further our understanding of microenedmism patterns of millipedes and other flightless soil invertebrates in the tropics.


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