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Eutrichodesmus from Laos und Indien



Quick facts

Project title: 
New species of the genus Eutrichodesmus from Laos and India
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Object of research: 
Millipedes, endemic, Millipedes, Laos, India, Indien, Diplopoda, Barcoding


In the course of this project, different species of the dwarf polydesmid milliepde genus Eutrichodesmus will be described. The new sepcies are from India and Laos, and contain epigean species, as well as species only found in caves, the latter with unique adaptations to a life in permanent darkness. this work will be conducted in the course of a 6-week intense lab class in our international OEP Master programme. The species will be described integratively, this mean combining different, modern methods such as light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, multi-layer photography, CT-scans and molecular barcoding techniques. 


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Head of Section Myriapoda
Responsible Editor Bonn zoological Bulletin - Supplementum
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