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DINA – Diversity of Insects in Nature Protected Areas




In collaboration with the German NABU the ZFMK has been an active partner to initiate a large joint project to understand drivers of insect decline, the DINA project (2019-2024). The goal of the project is to assess and monitor the insect fauna in 21 selected Nature-protected areas using a Malaise trap line approach. A particular goal of this project is to demonstrate the power of metabarcoding for the rapid and efficient assessment of the insect fauna relying on the GBOL database. Additionally to the insect fauna, landscape parameters including anthropogenic influence will be recorded. This project is the first in Germany which systematically records the composition of insect communities in Nature-protected areas and correlates these with landscape parameters. Further partners are the ISOE, IZNE, iES Landau, EVK, JLU, ZFMK, and IOER.


Contact person

Head of section Conservation Ecology at the Center for Biodiversity Monitoring
Research networks, international cooperation & science policy
+49 228 9122-352
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Overall project lead:
Prof. G. Lehmann (NABU)