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Dr. Markus Lambertz

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Fax: +49 228 9122-212
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Research interests

My primary research interests span across the evolutionary and functional morphology of vertebrates. Although I have no taxonomic restrictions, my main focus lies on amphibians and especially reptiles. Particularly the respiratory apparatus and its evolution is the central theme of my research in these various taxa. The main questions I am interested in concern the origin, development, anatomical diversity and function of gas exchangers (mainly lungs), as well as ventilatory mechanisms. The phylogenetic history and relationships of the organisms in question always provides the framework for all of these considerations and my research involves the extant and the extinct diversity of organisms. I routinely employ traditional gross anatomical dissections and embryology, various histological and morphometric approaches, modern digital imaging procedures, phylogenetic reconstructions, and different modeling approaches to address these questions at a comparative level. The current lead of my research is aimed at expanding the developmental aspects and at the integration of morphological and genetic data.
I am furthermore highly interested in fundamental faunistic issues such as the distribution, ecological interactions, and general phylogeny of a wide variety of organisms, including but not limited to all sorts of vertebrates, odonates and parasites. My interests in nomenclatural theory and application combine well with my interests in the history of science and early scientific literature.

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