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Angel Shark Project



Quick facts

Project title: 
Pattern in the abundance, distribution and habitat use of the endangered Angel Shark in the Canary Islands
ZFMK Project lead: 
Object of research: 
Haie, Sharks


Project start: 2017

The critically endangered Angel Shark  (Squatina squatina) has suffered a vast fragmentation of its former distribution range, leaving the Canary Islands as a unique “hotspot” where this Angel Shark can be regularly encountered.
However, information on the spatial distribution patterns, population structure and abundance, residency and movement patterns of this shark are almost unknown. Volunteer citizen science programs, including those performed by recreational divers, generate a significant data pool and at the same time this engagement contributes to raise public awareness of shark ecology.
Using the website to register sightings by recreational divers, this project aims at providing basic insights on the trends of the population abundance, distribution and habitat use of the Angel Shark in the Canary Islands.


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