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DNA-based monitoring of biodiversity and species of interest in Norway

Mo, 28.11.2022 - 17:15 Uhr
Online-Lecture via Zoom (Zugangs-Link erhältlich bei: vonderemde@uni-bonn.de)
Evolutionsbiologisches Kolloquium
Vortragende / Vortragender: 
Frode Fossøy is a Senior Research Scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) and a geneticist with a broad background in molecular ecology and biodiversity research. He has a Master degree in behavioural ecology at the University of B

Environmental DNA (eDNA) is quickly becoming an important part of biodiversity monitoring and nature management in many countries. In Norway, several large scale monitoring programs are now including eDNA analyses, such as water samples for detecting rare red-listed species or alien invasive species, faecal samples for describing diet and parasite load in wild ruminants and bulk samples of insects to monitor national trends of insect diversity. In this talk, I will showcase some examples from Norway and discuss the potential of this new technology for biodiversity monitoring.