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Memo Leibniz Open Access Publishing Fund

The Leibniz Association's Open Access Publishing Fund can cover one fifth of article processing charges for Open Access articles meeting a set of criteria (see below), leaving only 80% of the costs for ZFMK.

The Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) in Hannover runs the publishing fund, deals with applications, and happily answers questions regarding funding criteria, applications, invoicing, or even journal choice:
publikationsfonds [at] leibniz-gemeinschaft.de

If support by the Leibniz Open Access Fund is granted, TIB will pay the invoice and later on charge ZFMK with 80% of the costs (this process will be handled by A. Ruthsch in the ZFMK administration).

Funding criteria:

  • The article’s corresponding author is a member of a participating Leibniz institution.
  • The article is to be published in a genuine Open Access journal that makes all its articles publicly available under a Creative Commons license at the time of publication (no hybrid journals).
  • The article is to be published in a journal that is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (https://doaj.org/).
  • The article’s processing charges (including tax) do not exceed € 2.000.

The procedure for ZFMK staff to access this fund is:

  • Ask A. Ruthsch (-207 / a.ruthsch [at] leibniz-zfmk.de) for an order number (Beschaffungsnummer).
  • Write an email to the director (b.misof [at] leibniz-zfmk.de (link sends e-mail)) asking him if your article may be published open access using ZFMK money (+ Leibniz OA fund). Please include journal name and expected costs. IMPORTANT: mention the order number in the email header and copy in (CC) A. Ruthsch.
  • Only after receiving a positive answer from the director (in which A. Ruthsch should be CCed once more), fill in the usual form for a 'Beschaffungsantrag' (N:\Verwaltung\Vordrucke). Please remember to add your T and P number and the order number.
  • Submit your article to the Open Access journal (considering the criteria above) suggested by you before.
  • Fill in the Leibniz Open Access online form.
    IMPORTANT: Include this text in the last field of the form (Comments/Bemerkungen):
    "Aus Buchhaltungszwecken: Führen Sie bitte diesen Vorgang bei Abrechnungen und Korrespondenz immer unter der folgenden Nummer: [your order number from ZFMK administration here]"
  • Wait for notice from TIB or A. Ruthsch regarding acceptance / rejection of your article.
  • Good luck!