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Homepage of the German Ichthyological Society(GfI). The GfI is the national society devoted to the study of fishes. The annual meetings bring together researchers from all branches of ichthyology. Currently, Fabian Herder acts as president.



The currently only atlas providing original fish fauna data on national scale for Germany and Austria. A GfI project project. 





FREshwater Diversity Identification for Europe. A past project that enabled the exploration of the European freshwater fish fauna.




BZM 64

Bonn zoological Bulletin. The “ZFMK house journal” focuses on organismal zoology, including fishes.



Ansprechpartnerin / Ansprechpartner

Abteilungsleiter Wirbeltiere
Kurator Ichthyologie
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f.herder [at] leibniz-zfmk.de