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Dr. César Capinha

E-Mail: cesarcapinha [at] outlook.com




I am an ecologist/biogeographer mainly focused on forecasting the distribution of species and communities under global change. I am particularly interested in two main drivers of change: non-native species and climate change. I often conduct research for a single or a few species – usually invaders that pose threats to conservation (e.g. crayfish) and human disease vectors (e.g. mosquitoes) −, but I am also highly interested on the long-term effects of non-native species on species assemblages and on how these effects will be reflected on biogeographical patterns. Finally, I am also interested in the testing and possible improvement of the tools used for forecasting biodiversity change.


Specific research questions include:

1. How will future climate affect the distribution of non-native species?

2. What is the relative importance of climate versus other factors (e.g. trade and biotic interactions) in shaping the co-occurrence patterns of non-native species?

3. Will biogeographic range limits change with the increasing introduction of non-native taxa?

4. What correlative tools can be used and how should these be parameterized for predicting potential distributions in new spatial or temporal domains?





The International Biogeography Society


Merit scholarship of the University of Lisbon

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