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Genomic technology for the Caucasus




Titel des Projekts: 
Advanced genomic technology for the Caucasus region


It is planned to undertake 1) a comprehensive upgrade of research
infrastructure in the molecular ecology laboratory at ISU, and 2) a
joint research investigation of biodiversity and refugial areas in the
Caucasus region. Improvements to research infrastructure will provide
modern biotechnology to researchers in the Caucasus region, including
next generation sequencing (NGS) and real time PCR. Currently, these
technologies are not available to scientists in the region working on
biodiversity and species conservation. Because the laboratory also
serves as a teaching facility providing training to students and
researchers, this enhanced research capacity will also have a large
impact on the technical training available to Georgian students and
scientists. The research undertaken in this joint venture will foster
ongoing collaboration between the partners, and provide opportunities
for continuing exploration of biodiversity in the Caucasus, a
recognized biodiversity hotspot. The targeted research contained
within this proposal will explore cryptic refugial areas within the
Caucasus, to test hypotheses about the historical provenance of the
extraordinarily high levels of species endemism in the region.


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