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Cell banking at the LIB Biobank




Titel des Projekts: 
Cell banking at the LIB Biobank
Viable cells, Biobanking


Besides traditional ethanol-fixed tissue samples, the LIB Biobank is starting to archive viable cell material. This work is primarily enabled by the FOGS and the BGE projects. The storage of living cells in liquid nitrogen allows preserving them indefinitely, warranting their availability for current and future (non-commercial) research and for conservation purposes.

Once thawed, the cells offer an ample source for high-quality DNA, RNA, proteins, or chromosomes, and can be used for research in, e.g., functional or reproductive biology. Live cells constitute a growing, i.e. 'renewable' resource, which is relevant when considering the scarcity of research material and the necessity to limit sampling events, especially in endangered species.

Ex-situ conservation is increasingly being considered as a backup strategy in species conservation efforts. Viable cell cultures offer unprecedented conservation options as bioscience technology advances.

Please approach us if you have access to material suitable for cell culture that you feel should be preserved.



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