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Taxonomic status of the Crimson-crested Turaco

Gedeon, K., Jahn, O., Töpfer, T.
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The taxonomic status of the Crimson-crested Turaco Menelikornis (leucotis) donaldsoni
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Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club
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Gedeon, K., Jahn, O., Töpfer, T. (2022): The taxonomic status of the Crimson-crested Turaco Menelikornis (leucotis) donaldsoni. - Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club 142: 343-353.

White-cheeked Turaco Menelikornis (leucotis) leucotis and Crimson-crested Turaco M. (l.) donaldsoni have long been treated as conspecific. Because of the lack of data concerning their distribution and areas of potential geographical overlap, they have been considered to be parapatric at most. In 2019 and 2021, we conducted a field study that produced nearly 40 records of the two taxa. In the study area, which stretched 120 km north to south from the upper Shabelle Valley via the Oda and Bale Mts. to Harenna Forest, both leucotis and donaldsoni occurred. The presence of both taxa was recorded across c.50 km west to east, which indicates an area of range overlap of about 6,000 km2. Sympatry between leucotis and donaldsoni, together with clear differences in morphology (mainly crest colour) as well as molecular evidence, strongly support treating them as different species.

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