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Talaud Mangrove Monitor – Varanus lirungensis

Evy Arida, André Koch, Mark Auliya, Joey Kelly
Vollständiger Titel: 
IUCN Red List assessment for the Talaud Mangrove Monitor – Varanus lirungensis
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Elektronische Publikation
threatened species, IUCN, Varanidae, monitor lizards, Indonesia
Bibliographische Angaben: 
Arida, E., Koch, A., Auliya, M. & J. Kelly (2021): Talaud Mangrove Monitor - Varanus lirungensis. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2021: e.T83778217A83778221

This species has a very restricted island distribution of less than 1,500 km2 and is regularly harvested for human consumption (and involved at least incidentally in the pet trade). Based on personal observations the population density seems to have been reduced considerably since 2005, suggesting a continuing decline in the number of mature individuals (at a rate which is uncertain but may have approached or exceeded 50% over three generations if this encompasses the last 14 years), and it is considered to occur as a severely fragmented population.

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