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Revision of the SE Asian spider genus Savarna

Huber BA, Petcharad B, Bumrungsri S.
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Revision of the enigmatic Southeast Asian spider genus Savarna (Araneae, Pholcidae).
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European Journal of Taxonomy
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Pholcidae; Savarna; Southeast Asia; taxonomy; identification key
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Huber BA, Petcharad B, Bumrungsri S. 2015. Revision of the enigmatic Southeast Asian spider genus Savarna (Araneae, Pholcidae). European Journal of Taxonomy 160: 1-23. http://dx.doi.org/10.5852/ejt.2015.160

The genus Savarna Huber, 2005 was previously one of the most poorly known Pholcinae genera. Less than 20 specimens (representing four nominal species) were available worldwide; nothing was known about ultrastructure, natural history, and relationships. We present the first SEM data, supporting the position of the genus in Pholcinae outside the Pholcus group of genera and weakly suggesting a closer relationship with the genera Khorata Huber, 2005, Spermophorides Wunderlich, 1992, and two undescribed species of unknown affinity from Borneo. We provide the first data about microhabitat, web structure, and reaction to disturbance. We clarify the type locality of Savarna tessellata (Simon, 1901) (“Jalor, Biserat”) and describe topotypical material. We describe the previously unknown male of Spermophora miser Bristowe, 1952 and transfer the species (that was previously considered incertae sedis) to Savarna [Savarna miser (Bristowe, 1952), new combination]. Savarna baso (Roewer, 1963) is newly synonymized with S. miser. We newly describe the most northern species in the genus (Savarna kaeo sp. nov.), and provide amendments to the descriptions of all previously described species.