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Naming and gaming: The illicit taxonomic practice of ‘nomenclatural harvesting’ and how to avoid it

Denzer, W., Kaiser, H.
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Naming and gaming: The illicit taxonomic practice of ‘nomenclatural harvesting’ and how to avoid it
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Journal of Zoology
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herpetology, nomenclature, pseudoscience, taxonomy
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Denzer, W., Kaiser, H. (2023): Naming and gaming: The illicit taxonomic practice of‘nomenclatural harvesting’ and how to avoid it. - Journal of Zoology; https://doi.org/10.1111/jzo.13061

We coin the term 'nomenclatural harvesting' to identify a distinct form of taxonomic vandalism, in which practitioners generate taxon names for operational taxonomic units (OTUs) identified in phylogenetic trees published by others, even when there is no scientifically useful or practical basis for doing so. This practice can destabilize the nomenclature of scientifically established groups by swamping them with questionable new names, and this may have broader impacts in the application of taxon names to clinical toxinology, studies of biodiversity and conservation, and it may contribute to further erode the trust placed by the public in science. A change to Article 73 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature and the addition of suitable language in publications presenting taxonomic decisions to authenticate research effort and specimen work would alleviate the problem.

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