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Mangrove Monitor – Varanus indicus

Allison, A., Hamilton, A., Shea, G., Tallowin, O., Auliya, M. & A. Koch
Vollständiger Titel: 
IUCN Red List assessment for the Mangrove Monitor – Varanus indicus
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Elektronische Publikation
threatened species, IUCN, Varanidae, monitor lizards, Indonesia
Bibliographische Angaben: 
Allison, A., Hamilton, A., Shea, G., Tallowin, O., Auliya, M. & A. Koch (2021): Mangrove Monitor – Varanus indicus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2021: e.T200972722A1533318

Varanus indicus has been assessed as Least Concern because of its large distribution in Australasia, Indonesia and western Oceania. As presently understood it is widespread, apparently common, and found in a variety of natural and disturbed habitats. It is present in the international pet trade but current harvest and trade levels are not thought to threaten this species at a global level, although both the difficulty of distinguishing this species (as presently understood) from similar monitors and taxonomic issues within V. indicus itself make it difficult to determine the impact of harvesting with certainty.

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