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Contextualising samples

Astrid Böhne, Rosa Fernández, Jennifer A Leonard, Ann M McCartney, Seanna McTaggart, José Melo-Ferreira, Rita Monteiro, Rebekah A Oomen, Olga Vinnere Pettersson and Torsten H Struck
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Contextualising samples: Supporting reference genomes of European biodiversity through sample and associated metadata collection
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Contextualising Samples
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Böhne A, Fernández R, Leonard JA, McCartney AM, McTaggart S, Melo-Ferreira J, Monteiro R, Oomen RA, Vinnere Pettersson O and Struck TH. (2024) Contextualising samples: Supporting reference genomes for European biodiversity through sample and associated metadata collection. BioRxiv 2023.06.28.546652. doi: 10.1101/2023.06.28.546652

The European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) consortium aims to generate a reference genome catalogue for all of Europe’s eukaryotic biodiversity. The biological material underlying this mission, the specimens and their derived samples, are provided through ERGA’s pan-European network. To demonstrate the community’s capability and capacity to realise ERGA’s ambitious mission, the ERGA Pilot project was initiated. In support of the ERGA Pilot effort to generate reference genomes for European biodiversity, the ERGA Sampling and Sample Processing committee (SSP) was formed by volunteer experts from ERGA’s member base. SSP aims to aid participating researchers through i) establishing standards for and collecting of sample/ specimen metadata; ii) prioritisation of species for genome sequencing; and iii) development of taxon-specific collection guidelines including logistics support. SSP serves as the entry point for sample providers to the ERGA genomic resource production infrastructure and guarantees that ERGA’s high-quality standards are upheld throughout sample collection and processing. With the volume of researchers, projects, consortia, and organisations with interests in genomics resources expanding, this manuscript shares important experiences and lessons learned during the development of standardised operational procedures and sample provider support. The manuscript details our experiences in incorporating the FAIR and CARE principles, species prioritisation, and workflow development, which could be useful to individuals as well as other initiatives.

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