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An annotated checklist of the inland fishes of Sulawesi

Miesen, Friedrich Wilhelm MSc; Herder, Fabian Dr.; Hüllen, Sebastian MSc; Droppelmann, Fabian
Vollständiger Titel: 
An annotated checklist of the inland fishes of Sulawesi
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Publiziert in: 
Bonn zoological Bulletin
Sulawesi, freshwater, fishes, endemism, Wallacea, SE-Asia
Bibliographische Angaben: 
Miesen, F. W., Droppelmann, F., Hüllen, S., Hadiaty, R. K., Herder, F. (2016): An annotated checklist of the inland fishes of Sulawesi. Bonn Zoological Bulletin 64 (2): 77-106.

Sulawesi is the largest island of the Wallacea. Here, we present an annotated checklist of fish species record-
ed in Sulawesi’s inland waters. We recognize a total of 226 species from 112 genera and 56 families. Gobiidae (41 species),
Adrianichthyidae (20 species) and Telmatherinidae (19 species) are most species-rich, making up a total of 43% of the
total species diversity. 65 species are endemic to Sulawesi’s freshwaters, including 19 Tematherinidae, 17 Adrianichthyi-
dae, and 17 Zenarchopteridae. 44% of the inland fish fauna are obligate freshwater fishes, followed by euryhaline (38%)
and amphi-, ana- or diadromous (29%) taxa. 65 species have been recorded from lacustrine environments. However, we
stress that the data available are not representative for the island’s freshwater habitats. The fish species diversity of the
spectacular lakes is largely explored, but the riverine ichthyofaunas are in clear need of further systematic exploration.

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