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Revision von Holocneminus




Titel des Projekts: 
Taxonomic revision and phylogeny of the spider genus Holocneminus Berland (Araneae: Pholcidae) and its relationships within the subfamily Arteminae
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The Southeast Asian and Pacific genus Holocneminus Berland, 1942 has never been revised taxonomically and is poorly known. Currently, it is composed by only three described species but in the collections examined so far, there are several new species of Holocneminus as well as unpublished records of known species. Holocneminus belongs to the subfamily Arteminae, which currently includes 96 species in nine genera that together have a worldwide distribution. One main goal of this research project is a systematic revision of the genus based on all available material deposited in collections worldwide (most of this material is already in loan at ZFMK), and on new material collected during the ongoing project on Southeast Asian Pholcidae, funded by DFG. The second major goal is an analysis of phylogenetic relationships within Holocneminus and with other Arteminae genera based on morphological and molecular evidence.